April visit and round trip in Ireland

Ireland is my second home country because of time I spent there. This trip began during coffee time with my friends in the Czech Republic. We talked about Ireland and time I farmed there. After few minutes somebody asks me if I can plan a round trip. I didn`t have to think long – YES, I can.

It was 10th of April when we were looking forward to departure. It was my 8th visit Ireland but for my friends, it was a first time. That day was very cloudy so we could not see a beautiful land under the plane but it did not matter. I knew that this trip will be awesome.

First of everything was to drink an Irish beer – Guinness. We had to prepare our body and mind for Irish life. I told them about one man who drinks 14 pints of Guinness every day. They could not believe it but one of them said that we will try a half of this man portion. Well, we will see what happens at the end of this trip.

Wicklow National Park

Park is situated about 50 km far from Dublin city to the south. It is definitely paradise of nature. Groups of people come to a park every day to feel an energy and take a walk. You can choose from many types of paths. The popular path has 9 km and the climb is 380 m. You will go on a forest path (you can see in the picture above) until you reach Mining Village. There is a sign with photos and story about Mining Village.

Behind the Village, you will go up to mountains. There is a path so do not be afraid of climbing on rocks. Very nice and photographic wooden bridge crossing the river you will pass. Then, just follow a wooden path on the top of the mountain until you reach stairs back to the lake.

This was my 4th visit to Wicklow National Park and I was impressed every time. Lots of deer you can see in the winter time. Wild goat, flowers and nice smell in the summertime. But magic and beautiful colours at every moment of the year. The cover photo is a Round Tower in Glendalough 2 km far from Upper Lake.

You can take a bus from Dublin city to Glendalough every day but you have to check the time to do not miss the bus come back if you do not stay over the night. I recommend renting a car and drive there. It will give you a plenty of time to enjoy it.


The town is situated also 50 km far from Dublin city to the southwest. I lived here for more than 2 years so I could not miss it. We take a walk in The Curragh. It is a land of sheep. They are everywhere and you have to follow their rules. If you are driving through The Curragh you have to be careful. Sheep and lamb crossing the road all the time especially during a night time.

Irish National Stud & Gardens

About 2 km far from Kildare you can find Irish National Stud & Gardens. National Stud is about racing horses. Pastures with horses which everyone has a name and information about what price win and how much cost. You can see also cubicles with foals, history about horse racing and also wooden horse monuments (see in the picture above).

Japanese Gardens are situated next to National Stud and if you buy a ticket to National Stud you can visit a Gardens also.  The best time is the end of April and May to see all flowers and trees flowing. It`s worth to visit this place.

Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher are a very popular place for tourist and everybody who want to see a piece of Ireland. Kilometres of a path on the top of cliffs give you an unforgettable experience. If you travelling by car you have to use one of paid parking. You also can take a day tour from Dublin or Limerick. Entrance to Cliffs is for free but if you visit a visitor centre they offer a ticket for €4 per adult. We walked on Cliffs without any guide and we enjoyed a lot. Rocks, paths, ocean and birds. Birds are everywhere. Mostly seagulls are seen but in few months of the year, you can see puffins. This was my first time of visit. I was surprised at how nice this place is. The weather is very important for a visit. Windy weather will limit the access.

Muckross House & Co Kerry

I heard about the trip to Ring of Kerry so I had to drive there. What I saw has taken my breath. After you park your car you can take a walk into Gardens and Arboretum. I definitely recommend to visit it. If you are nature lover like me you will be in heaven. Ferns in tree size, eucalyptus, huge azaleas, etc. From arboretum, you will walk along the Muckross House. The building with a super green lawn and professionally groomed shrubs. In front of the House is Muckross Lake. Perfect place for everybody. No entrance fee to the area but if you want to enter the House you will be asked for a fee.

The whole Ring of Kerry is long about 180 km. The best places I liked were in the beginning, in the half and at the end of the Ring. It is a very peaceful place and I can imagine to stay there for a night and do fishing or climb on mountains. We drove all the Ring for couple hours, ate a tasty food and met a man with a goat in the middle of town. We stayed two nights in the town of Killarney. For backpackers, I recommend staying in The Black Sheep Hostel. It is a very cosy hostel with good price. Wooden bunk beds, breakfast, nice and helpful staff.

Rock of Cashel

On the way from Dublin to Cork you can visit Rock of Cashel. Entrance fee is for everyone. You can park under the Castle or wherever in the town. Castle is built on the rock as you can see in the picture and it gives you a nice view to the surrounding countryside. Museum, graveyard, tower and the rest of the Castle you can see when you visit it.

Dublin city

The last night we spend in Dublin. Where everything started we had to finished there. Do you remember how many beers we want to drink? Yes, seven beers. We started in The Dawson Lounge – the smallest dublin pub. The capacity of pub is 40 people and I recommend to visit it once of your Irish visit. After this experience we went to Temple Bar area where we jump from pub to pub. We always went there, where the music was heard. At midnight we finished our seventh beer. Everyday we raise a beer up and after seven days we did it.

The next morning we take a tour in Jameson Distillery Bow st. . You can choose from many of tours but the basic tour entrance is for € 15 and you will walk with guide across the establishment to nowadays. There is also a tasting of whiskey. You will get three glasses – Scoth, American and Irish whiskey. Whiskey master will tell you what you have to see, smell and taste. After a tour you can change your ticket for free drink on bar and enjoy special moment with whiskey.

When we sit at the airport I was satisfied with our trip and a little bit sad because it was over. Ireland is very beautiful country and I will always come back because of nature, positive people, good food and drinks. I recommend to everyone to visit Ireland. If you want to get some tips for places or where to stay do not hesitate to contact me.

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